Getting Involved

Thank you for your interest in getting involved in our lab! There are a number of different ways to join, so please take a look at the different levels of involvement and choose one that is right for you!

Levels of Involvement

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Research Assistant Positions

Undergraduates can join our lab through a PSY 4993/5993 Directed Research program. If you do this, you will be required to help with an ongoing project or conduct research yourself. You will work closely with one of our PhD students. You will need to attend lab meetings (every week) and present for one of these lab meetings – the topic of the presentation is decided together with your lab mentor.

If you are thinking about working on your thesis, major project, or UROP with us, this is a route for you too! We generally prefer to have students complete a semester of PSY 4993/5993 in the lab before they begin a project with us. 

Participating in Studies

Currently, the active studies available to undergraduate participants are available on the Research Experience Program (REP) website

PhD Students


Stay tuned for updates about the 2023-2024 academic cycle.